1st Workshop of Learning to do research and work with Drones

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The workshop will be held in the University of Luxembourg during the days 18-20/10 2017. The aim of his workshop is to learn the basic knowledge of the Robotics Operative System (ROS) and get some basic skill of piloting drones.

ROS is the most common software framework for robotics used in research. This software is based on open source policy and facilitate the use of different sensors and robots. In the workshop the student will use an online platform composed by a ROS interface, a 3D simulator and a detailed explanation book. The students will learn what is ROS, why is that commonly used and what are the main advantages. They will also learn the basic tools and knowledge to be able to understand and create any basic ROS related project. They will be able to move robots, read their sensor data, make the robots perform intelligent tasks, see visual representations of complex data such as Point Clouds and debug errors in the programs.

The workshop will include as well some basic lessons of piloting drones. These lessons will be done in the flight arena of the Automation & Robotics Research Group of the SnT-University of Luxembourg. Some demonstrations of real experiments will be also shown to the audience.